Customer’s FAQ

How do I schedule a delivery or Express Move?

Making a reservation could not be easier. Using a personal computer or mobile device, you can simply click either “Express Move” or “Delivery Service” links from the right margin and make your reservation online.

If you prefer to make your reservation by phone, please contact us at (828) 513-0797.

When do I pay for my reservation?

Payment will be received during the reservation process using any major credit card.

What fees will I be charged?

For deliveries, customers pay a standard pick-up fee plus mileage from the point of pick-up to drop off. Additional charges could apply for multiple pieces being delivered and flights of stairs.

For Express Moves, customers pay hourly with a minimum of two (2) hours plus mileage between locations. For larger moves, customers can reserve additional hours and additional moving professionals.

Are delivery fees refundable?

Fees are fully refundable for unperformed jobs. However, once a Contractor arrives at a store or customer’s address to either pick up and deliver their purchased items or move their belongings, NO refund will be granted.

Requests for refunds NEED to be made in writing by clicking “Contact” from the home page and completing our online submission form. Again, to be clear, requests for refunds need to be received prior to the Contractor arriving to the store or customer address.

How do I make complaint about delivery service or driver?

All questions, inquiries, complaints or requests should be made through our submission functionality located on our “Contact” page.

What happens if a Contract Carrier doesn’t arrive during time frame I requested?

All best efforts are made to arrive during your desired time frame. However, due to a host of variables associated with the transportation and logistics industry, many which are outside of our control, delays can happen. Although we can never make 100% guarantees, we can assure you that we have an exceptional customer satisfaction history and that every best effort is made to arrive on time and to provide you with 100% satisfaction.

How will I know when the Contractor is on his way?

Using the phone number you provide at the time of reservation, the Contractor will call you to provide an estimated time of arrival and ask any job-related questions.

Do Contractors work for retailers, independently or for Safe & Direct Services?

All our service professionals are experienced third party Independent Contractors. They are not employees of Safe & Direct Services, store, or retail chain.

What is Service Rating?

Once a job is complete, each customer will receive a brief email survey requesting feedback on the performance of the Contractor. Such feedback includes level of professionalism, communication, appearance, and overall quality of service. Customer feedback is calculated as a percentage – the higher the percentage the greater the level of customer satisfaction.

Service Ratings are designed to help ensure the highest level of quality and customer service. At the discretion of Safe & Direct Services, Contractors with an unacceptable Service Rating will be removed from our Network.

What is Compliance Rating?

Contractors are offered delivery and moving jobs based upon availability, proximity, Service and Compliance Ratings. The more jobs a Contractor successfully performs the greater the rating. Contractors who decline jobs will notice a lower Compliance Rating.

Compliance Ratings are designed to ensure reliability and continuity. At the discretion of Safe & Direct Services, Contractors with an unacceptable Compliance Rating will be removed from our Network.