Express Moves

Home owners, business owners, renters, college students, storage malls, or just people with a lot of “stuff” often find themselves in need of moving assistance. But they don’t need a massive moving truck or the associated astronomical prices! Rather, most people simply need a mid-sized truck, a good pair of reliable hands, and a couple hours of able and willing help. This is where Express Moves are ideal.

express4Unlike traditional moving services, S&D’s Express Moves require only a two (2) hour minimum reservation and, should you need more time, bill in half-hour increments.

Our Express purpose is simple – move your possessions as safely, efficiently, and cost effectively as possible.  

By leveraging one of the largest and fastest growing Service Provider Networks, our team of service professionals is readily available to meet your moving needs. Upon our arrival, our team will follow your instructions and expectations on loading, securing, transporting, and then unloading your possessions.

Moving no longer needs to be large, overwhelming, or expensive. With Express, it just got easier!

Click here for our easy-to-use reservation system and schedule your Express Move today!