Why Safe & Direct?

Consider some of the many reasons to choose Safe & Direct Services

  • We have the fastest growing network of professional Contract Carriers across the United States and Canada. We are able to provide the quickest and most cost effective delivery and moving services for our customers and retailers.
  • Upon making a reservation, customers receive a confirmation email identifying reservation specifics. In turn, we contact service professionals with the highest “Service and Compliance Ratings” located closest to our customers. Once selected, customers receive a second email featuring the Contractor’s image and profile. Contractors can also contact customers by phone for an introduction and, if necessary, to request further delivery or moving details.
  • Safe & Direct Services increases retail sales and increases customer satisfaction. Because we are a cost effective solution, customers are more inclined to purchase items they were previously unable to acquire due to logistical concerns.
  • Because we are committed to fast arrival and delivery times, we help improve operational efficiency. No longer do retailers risk losing sales because customers either have no way of getting large items home or wait an excessive period of time.
  • Because we are committed to building the most professional and reliable team of Contract Carriers, we have serious and legitimate policies and oversight procedures to help ensure exceptional customer service. Such procedures include a proprietary rating system which consists of Service and Compliance Ratings.