Serving Our Community and Beyond!

Welcome to Safe & Direct Services (S&D), where moving and delivery is our specialty! Since 2012, we have been providing residential and commercial deliveries and express moves?

What is an Express Move It is a faster, more cost effective way to move!

Not everyone requires an expensive moving service one with oversized trucks, an army of movers, and lengthy reservation fees.A�At S&D, we understand and cater to express moves.A�Whether it’s downsizing a home, moving an office, emptying a storage mall, transitioning an apartment, or simply moving furniture, S&D has the express movingA�solution for you.

What do we deliver? We proudly provide business-to-business and business-to-customer deliveries out of many national retail stores.A�Whether it is a single mattress or an entire living room suit, when you can’t move it we provide the solution!

We proudly serve customers throughout our state and beyond. No other provider offers a more effective network of contract professionals to expedite service. We attribute our success to understanding the needs of our customers, building a great team of contract professionals, offering exceptional customer service, and leveraging the latest technology to enhance logistics and support.

Big or small, residential or commercial, we can expeditiously and cost effectively service your delivery or moving needs. Our contract professionals are properly licensed, insured and capable of meeting your local and long distance needs.