Contractor FAQs

How long does it take for me to enroll in the S&D network?

Following the interview and verification process, joining our network does not take long. We will orient you to our systems, policies, and procedures to ensure you are proficient in performance and successfully meet our expectations. Depending on your level of experience in the delivery and/or moving industries, various training will continue to further enhance customer service and overall job performance.

How many daily work orders can I expect to receive?

Work order volume can definitely vary depending on (1) your abilities and performance history, (2) accessibility of your vehicle(s) and the type(s) of service you provide, (3) local demand, and (4) and variable conditions such as holidays and weather.

How do I receive work orders?

We will provide you with secure access to our software platform and mobile applications to receive and complete work orders as well as manage all aspects of your business.

What is my rate of compensation?

Because we provide multiple types of service to include delivery, express moves, and others, commission rates vary depending on the type of service. However, because your success is our success, our goal is to empower and help you build your business which includes generating profitable income!

When do I receive payment?

Contractors receive commission payments via direct deposit on the Friday of each week. In the event of a holiday, commissions may be received the business day prior OR the following business day.

Do I need to provide my own equipment?

Yes. In order to join our network, you need to own and operate your own serviceable box truck, enclosed trailer, or cargo van. Similarly, you are responsible for all insurance, maintenance, fuel, and associated overhead expenditures.

Do I need to own a box truck, trailer, cargo van or can I lease a vehicle and join the S&D network?

Ideally, we prefer you own your vehicle. But as long as you have prompt access to the appropriate vehicle to provide service you can lease a vehicle and still join S&D. However, it is critical that you maintain proper insurance and licensing as mandated by the state.

How do I file my taxes as a contractor?

You will receive year-end Form 1099 to be filed with your taxes. We encourage you to maintain good accounting records so you can deduct business related expenses.

Are you a contractor wanting to make more money?  Join our network and we'll increase your sales!
Are you a contractor wanting to make more money? Join our network and we'll increase your sales!