Delivery Services

We're committed to providing 24 hour delivery.

National chains, independent retailers, and small businesses rely on S&D to meet the delivery needs of their customers. Everyday customers find the perfect piece of furniture, patio set, treadmill or various household items too large or too many for a private vehicle. This is where our easy-to-use reservation system and network of contract professionals with box trucks, trailers, and cargo vehicles proves the ideal solution.

Our delivery goal is simple: Pickup and deliver your items as fast and safe as possible. We don’t need to complicate or overcharge for what should be a seamless process. You reserve, we serve!

By leveraging S&D, our region’s largest and fastest growing contract provider network, we’re able to do what we’re best known for – exceptional delivery within 24 hours.

Although we can’t guarantee same day delivery due to late reservations, we are able to guarantee your items will be picked up and delivered as quickly as possible; same-day or the following morning.

Click here to schedule your delivery using our easy-to-use online reservation or call us at (828) 513-0797.

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