Express Moves

You pack it, and we'll stack it!  We welcome the opportunity to assist with your express move.

Home and business owners, renters, college students, storage malls, and people with simply a lot of stuff regularly find themselves in need of moving assistance but don’t need oversized trucks and astronomical fees. Rather, most people simply need a mid-sized truck, a strong pair if helping hands, and a couple hours of reliable help. For this reason, S&D serves more as a moving assistance service versus a large traditional moving service requiring large deposits and exorbitant fees.

Unlike traditional moving services, our “express moves” service can be reserved on rather short notice and requires only a two (2) hour minimum reservation. Should more time be required to complete your job you can pay in half-hour increments versus blocks of hours.

Our purpose is simple – move your items as safely, efficiently, and cost effectively as possible. 

Again, because most people simply require moving assistance versus robust and expensive moving services, our express move service is ideal for your small move jobs.

Upon arrival, our team will follow your instructions and expectations for loading, securing, and transporting your items. Remember, moving no longer needs to be a large, overwhelming, or expensive endeavor.

Call today to schedule your express move at (828) 513-0797.