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Do you own a fully insured box truck, cargo van, or enclosed trailer? Are you looking to increase revenue and grow your existing business? If yes, then we welcome the opportunity to discuss the possibilities of joining our team. We are a leading delivery and logistics service looking for experienced contract professionals.

As an independent contractor, you will receive work orders through our proprietary web-based platform and applications. Reservations will include confirmed service dates, times, and pertinent information.

Every best effort should be made to accept each reservation and perform job related duties with exceptional professionalism and customer service.

THIS IS NOT A FULL-TIME, PART-TIME OR EMPLOYEE POSITION OF ANY KIND. THIS IS EXCLUSIVELY A 1099 INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR POSITION. Only submit a request if you have an existing experience with suitable equipment and vehicles capable of meeting our job related requirements.

One of our primary goals is to provide our contract professionals with the highest rate of commission. For your convenience, all work orders include itemized flat rate, mileage, and other forms of compensation. You will always know in advance your specific rates of reimbursement for each type of service.

To be of consideration, you must own and operate a suitable box truck, cargo van, or enclosed trailer with applicable commercial and cargo insurance where applicable. You must have appropriate moving blankets, tie-downs, and securing devices to ensure safe transportation. Electronic devices should include a mobile phone, preferably a smart phone, computer with internet access and a printer.

Effective communication, prompt response time, and professional customer service is essential. You need to be easily accessible by mobile phone, text message, and email. Once work orders are received, you are required to provide a courtesy call to customers to provide an estimated arrival time.

At S&D, we are committed to the following:

  • Highest rates of reimbursement for our contract professionals
  • Contractor commissions paid weekly via direct deposit
  • Provide our contractors with access to the best technology in the industry

To become an S&D contract professional, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have access to a reliable assistant/helper
  • Have access to a fully insured box truck, enclosed trailer, cargo van
  • Have moving blankets, dolly, tie-downs, and associated securing devices
  • Be easily accessible and able to provide same-day delivery service
  • Maintain a commitment to quality customer service

Own a box truck, enclosed trailer, or cargo van?  Consider joining our network and make more money!
Own a box truck, enclosed trailer, or cargo van? Consider joining our network and make more money!

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