Labor Only Assistance

Need help moving in or out of a storage unit, garage, or apartment?  We provide the helping hands!

Just because we’re not a traditional moving service doesn’t mean we can’t help you move!  Our labor-only service is designed to creatively meet your moving needs.  Whether it’s loading or unloading mobile storage units or simply moving items throughout your home or office, our team of contract professionals can accommodate.

Some of the many benefits to using mobile storage units such as PODS include reduced cost and convenient scheduling.  Storage units can be delivered to your location allowing our team of contract professionals time to properly load your possessions.  At your convenience, you can arrange pickup and delivery to the next location.  If moving locally, our team of contract professionals can again assist in unloading your mobile storage unit.

Again, using mobile storage units when moving is a more flexible and cost-effective strategy as compared to expensive traditional moving services.

In addition to moving assistance, our labor-only contract professionals are prepared to assist with other labor related tasks and chores.

Call today to schedule your labor assistance at (828) 513-0797.